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I Finally Bought A…


Mattress… Yes, I bought a mattress, an expensive one at that.

This was a big deal for me, I’ve been contemplating a new mattress for years (around 12 years to be exact).  But I always thought I’d wait, to have Mr. Right to help me make my choice. I’d thought I’d wait… While I slept in relatively bargain basement crappy mattress.

Until about two weeks ago, I had an Epiphany.  A major, aha!!! moment.  My aha!!! moment consisted of one question, ‘why wait?’.  Yes, why was I waiting, sleeping in a rather uncomfortable mattress, just because I was waiting for Mr. Right???  Then other questions, comments and the sort started scrolling in my mind.  One of those thoughts was even with Mr. Right, would I end up with the mattress that I wanted.  The answer that popped into my mind was – maybe not, more than likely not.

I did my research, and picked my mattress.  I plunked down much more than I thought I would ever pay for a mattress, but I figured the least I deserved was a good night’s sleep.  I felt rather powerful when I picked my mattress and bought it. I didn’t need anyone to help me, make a choice for me.

I still don’t have Mr. Right, but as of Saturday I’ll have my perfect mattress, and that makes for a very Happy Lore :).