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The perfect pair…


“The perfect shoes can change your life” – Cinderella

Those that know me, know my love for beautiful shoes.  I’m not shy about wearing sky high heels, eventhough I’m 5’10”.  I personally think that my legs just look amazing in good pair of heels. So who cares if I tower over my date, right?

Several months ago as I was scanning through RueLaLa, I came across the most perfect dark lilac Badgley Mischka satin heels, with a beautiful grosgrain bow… I just had to have them, and the price was just right.  So I clicked the quick buy button and a week later they were on my doorstep.

When I opened the box, the leather scent just wafted out, and a sense of happiness rolled over me.  I really didn’t have anywhere to wear them to, but I didn’t care.  I had the perfect pair of dark lilac shoes in my hands.  As I tried to think about where I would wear them to, I slipped them on and just sauntered around my house and the feeling was euphoric.  Amazing what a pair of shoes can do for you… Not going to lie, they are NOT, repeat NOT comfortable at all, but they are a work of art. 

 People many times ask my why I choose style over comfort… The answer is simple – because my legs look HOT in heels :)… Simple as that, and for that I will endure pain and shell out co-payments to the podiatrist.

I still haven’t worn my beautiful Badgley Mischkas outside of my house, but everytime I need a little pick me up, I put them on and just walk around inside my house and my whole mood changes… Maybe its the change in posture, who knows… But Cinderella said it best, the perfect pair of shoes can change your life…