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Healing a broken heart…


My heart broke on October 3, 2011… It broke in a way I thought it would never break, even thought I knew one day it would.  My heart broke. On October 3rd, my beloved grandmother who I lovingly called Yaya left this earth.  My heart broke.

We had a bond beyond that of a grandmother and grandchild, she became my mother when my mother, her daughter passed away in January 1980. It was always us.  The two of us. Everywhere, for everything.  We were so close. She enabled me to have such a wonderful life growing up, I had so much LOVE. Yes I had a lot of material things, but most importantly I had LOVE.

With my birthday approaching… I’ve been off for the past couple of weeks… Couldn’t figure out why… Yes I’m a year older, so what? Then it hit me, this is the first time that Yaya won’t be here for my birthday. ***(Will post later about Yaya’s dementia and how she wasn’t always mentally here for the past 10 years or so).

My heart is broken… But someday it will mend… Until then, when it comes back together, it’s still broken…