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It’s the little things…


I know… I know… I’ve sort of abandoned my blog a little, I promise I won’t do it again… Promise ūüôā

This morning while I was getting my morning coffee, someone asked me a simple enough question – What did you do this weekend? The conversation went like this…

Person – What did you do this weekend? Miss Thing???
Me – Well, went to the movies, did my long weekend run, went for a walk (simple enough answer right?)
Person – Well, how long is a long run exactly?
Me – 11 Miles (I said this with a smile)
Person – How much do you run on a given week, take this past week as an example? (at this point I started doing my mental math…)
Me – Well… Let me see… Hmmm…. (calculating in my mind)… 26 miles this week, and I did do a 45 mile bike ride as well
Person – Oh my God, sweetie, I think I would just pass out in 100 yards

This morning I realize that what I do and what I train for is impressive, just seeing her reaction this morning told me that.  The little things that I think are insignificant, are really not THAT little.

Now I want to back track to May.¬† I had¬†a little ‘Come to Jesus’ moment.¬† When I realized that yes I work out a lot, but I was eating garbage.¬† It didn’t matter how much I worked out, how many miles I logged, I was never going to get rid of the excess weight I had.¬† (Not going to lie, vanity did play a big part in the ‘Come to Jesus’ moment).¬† A friend of mine put me in contact with her cousin, who had started going to a boot camp.¬† I had an epiphany when I signed up and was given an eating plan.¬† I had to change my lifestyle, change what I ate and how I ate it.¬† Once I did that it all clicked.¬† Not going to say that it’s easy… But again it’s the little things.¬† Like swapping out white rice for brown.¬† Sometimes saying NO isn’t easy to do, but again it’s the little things.

Yaya used to say, “La vida¬†esta¬†llena¬†de poquitos” (Life is full of little things)… So it’s all¬†about the little things and the realization that Rome wasn’t built in¬†a day.¬† But in the changing of all the little things, big things materialize… I’ve signed up for a couple of Olympic & International distance triathlons… Next January I’ll run my 2nd Full Marathon… And I’m commiting¬†to train for a 1/2IM in 2013.¬†

So yes, it’s the little things that add up and make something great! Sometimes we need to find the greatness within ourselves without having someone else point it out.¬†

Celebrate the greatness that comes in the little things…


Someone called me Fat…


Last Saturday as I was doing my last long run before the ING Miami Half Marathon, someone called me fat.  FAT, not PHAT, meaning cool and great. Some guy (looked homeless) on a bike shouted out to me that I was fat, and I should just keep running & running to lose the weight.  **(Stay tuned next week for the blog post of why I run)

Yes I do have a mirror, but I didn’t consider myself fat.¬† I always thought of myself as voluptuous and statuesque.¬† Usually things like this don’t really bother me, but for some reason, this just hit me and I’m not going to lie, it hurt. As I finished my run on Saturday I thought to myself, we live in such a society that if you’re not a size 2 through maybe 6, you’re outside of the realm of ‘hotness’.¬† Then the brain flash that I had was I was born several centuries too late, in the 15th Century I would’ve been considered HOT and maybe even have modeled for Botticelli.

The battle of the bulge is not for the faint of heart.¬†It really isn’t.¬† If you’ve never battled it you have no idea what its like.¬† The thing is I’m very fit, I’m just not thin.¬† I run marathons, I do triathlons, and I’m open to try anything athletic at least once.¬† But I’m not thin…¬† I recently started keeping a food diary (myfitness pal – android & iphone app), and let me tell you, once you start keeping track of what you eat you realize a lot of things about your eating habits.¬† I’m not going to lie, I’m not the healthiest of eaters.¬† But I have to work with what will work for me, which is eating what I like but just a lot less.¬†I’m trying to listen to my body when it starts to tell me that it’s full, even though I sometimes ignore it. Growing up you were taught to eat everything on your plate, because the poor children in Africa were going hungry.¬† If I would’ve had left overs, how would they even have gotten to Africa? But now I know better.¬†

I usually don’t tell anyone I’m trying to lose weight.¬† Because then I get the ‘you shouldn’t eat that’, or ‘really you’re going to have 2nds?’.¬† I know that folks mean well, but it never settles well.

So far since the start of the new year I’m down 7lbs… Will I win the war? Who knows… But I’m working on this battle one day at a time.¬† So at least when some guy passes by me on a bike when I’m running he won’t call me fat.