Why Yes, I do bake… And very well…


I had been in a baking lull… Hadn’t fired up my KitchenAid stand mixer in MONTHS… Then a couple of weeks ago I got an email invite for an Easter get together with Family.

My baking hiatus was lifted… I had something to bake for… And I knew what they wanted – my guava cupcakes. I’m a fan of Sandra Lee’s semi homemade way to cook, bake, etc… So here goes my recipe for the amazing cupcakes…

1 Box White Cake Mix (I like Duncan Hines, you can use whichever you’d like)
2 Jars of Conchita Guava Preserves (You’ll need some of it for the frosting)

1 Large Tub of Whipped Cream Cheese
2 Cups confectioners sugar
1 dash of vanilla
4 Tablespoons of the Conchita Guava Preserves

Make the frosting the day before so that it gets a nice consistency. Mix together the tub of cream cheese, add the confectioners sugar 1/2 a cup at a time to that it completely integrates into the frosting.  Once its all nicely mixed and smooth, add the 4 tablespoons of the Conchita Guava Preserves… Once it’s done it will take a nice pink hue.  I put it into a big gallon zip lock.  When I’m ready to use I just cut off a tip and use it as a piping bag.  Genius right?

For the cupcakes, follow whatever the box says… Yes simple as that… Put the finished batter into the cupcake molds.  Now here’s the Lore part… Put 1/2 a teaspoon of the Conchita Guava Preserves in the center of the batter of each cupcake.  Follow the instructions on the box to bake…

Let the cupcakes COOL COMPLETELY before frosting.

All that is left to do is ENJOY them… 🙂

Let me know if you bake them 🙂


About LoreLama

I'm a mish-mosh of wonderful! I think that shoes are a girls best friend... And family is something no one can replace... I run (not fast) and I'm proud of it! I ramble even more on Twitter.com/LoreLama follow me there... I'm all over the place and so are my thoughts, which could be a good thing :). I have an interesting sense of humor. I'm on a quest for race bling in 2012, if you have to ask what that is, then you're not a runner.

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