Healing a broken heart…


My heart broke on October 3, 2011… It broke in a way I thought it would never break, even thought I knew one day it would.  My heart broke. On October 3rd, my beloved grandmother who I lovingly called Yaya left this earth.  My heart broke.

We had a bond beyond that of a grandmother and grandchild, she became my mother when my mother, her daughter passed away in January 1980. It was always us.  The two of us. Everywhere, for everything.  We were so close. She enabled me to have such a wonderful life growing up, I had so much LOVE. Yes I had a lot of material things, but most importantly I had LOVE.

With my birthday approaching… I’ve been off for the past couple of weeks… Couldn’t figure out why… Yes I’m a year older, so what? Then it hit me, this is the first time that Yaya won’t be here for my birthday. ***(Will post later about Yaya’s dementia and how she wasn’t always mentally here for the past 10 years or so).

My heart is broken… But someday it will mend… Until then, when it comes back together, it’s still broken…


About LoreLama

I'm a mish-mosh of wonderful! I think that shoes are a girls best friend... And family is something no one can replace... I run (not fast) and I'm proud of it! I ramble even more on Twitter.com/LoreLama follow me there... I'm all over the place and so are my thoughts, which could be a good thing :). I have an interesting sense of humor. I'm on a quest for race bling in 2012, if you have to ask what that is, then you're not a runner.

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  1. Lorena,

    As i read your post, I am with my mother in CCU. As you know she has been very ill, and finally her choice was to have heart surgery. I understand how sad you must be not having your grandmother on your birthday, but i truly believe she will be with you in spirit.

    I wish you a very happy birthday.

    • Thank you! I so know what you’re dealing with. I think that finally I can start writing about my grandmother and begin to heal myself. Please keep me posted on your mom.

  2. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! I miss my grandma daily! I also had a very special, unique bond as she shared a room with twin beds for most of my life. She was the one person who knew EVERYTHING about me. You just have to think that somehow she will be with you in spirit. She’s with you everyday because she molded you into the person you are. BTW, is that pic of you, your grandma and your mom? If that’s your mom you are IDENTICAL to her!

  3. Simply said and beautiful. You were very blessed to have such a special person in your life. And she did an amazing job raising you to be who you ate today. Time will heal.

  4. I just found your blog through TikiTiki. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I too, lost my grandmother recently, last June. It has been a rough year without her. Every holiday I am reminded of her since we used to gather at her house. Not a day goes by when something does not remind me of her. We were both blessed to have such wonderful relationships with our grandmothers. Please stop by by blog and read my most recent post about my grandma. God Bless!

  5. I feel your pain and sadness yet also I know you’re at peace. We gained amazing guardian angels on this journey. I always wonder why God puts us on these obstacles but then I am the person I am because of them. Xoxo keep her love and strength with in you.

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