Monthly Archives: February 2012

I Finally Bought A…


Mattress… Yes, I bought a mattress, an expensive one at that.

This was a big deal for me, I’ve been contemplating a new mattress for years (around 12 years to be exact).  But I always thought I’d wait, to have Mr. Right to help me make my choice. I’d thought I’d wait… While I slept in relatively bargain basement crappy mattress.

Until about two weeks ago, I had an Epiphany.  A major, aha!!! moment.  My aha!!! moment consisted of one question, ‘why wait?’.  Yes, why was I waiting, sleeping in a rather uncomfortable mattress, just because I was waiting for Mr. Right???  Then other questions, comments and the sort started scrolling in my mind.  One of those thoughts was even with Mr. Right, would I end up with the mattress that I wanted.  The answer that popped into my mind was – maybe not, more than likely not.

I did my research, and picked my mattress.  I plunked down much more than I thought I would ever pay for a mattress, but I figured the least I deserved was a good night’s sleep.  I felt rather powerful when I picked my mattress and bought it. I didn’t need anyone to help me, make a choice for me.

I still don’t have Mr. Right, but as of Saturday I’ll have my perfect mattress, and that makes for a very Happy Lore :).


Valentine’s Day


Ohhhh… Valentine’s Day….

I wish I could be one of those single girls that swears this is a holiday that was invented by Hallmark and that its fake.  But I’m not, I actually buy into it (sue me).  And think that it’s kind of cute.  Yes you should tell people and show them how you feel year round, I get it, I understand that. But still the whole red, pink & white of the season is very appealing.  I still can remember making the cute ‘mail boxes’ out of shoe boxes for school and my grandmother taking me to Eckerd Drugs to buy my Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to my friends.  I’m one of those people that I enjoy giving as much as enjoy receiving.

But as an adult, Valentine’s Day comes with slightly more pressure than it did when I was in the 4th grade… You no longer have those cute shoe box mail boxes to deposit those cute “be mine” cards.  One of the most fun Valentine’s Day was with some girl friends, we ordered take out from a fancy restaurant, got matching PJs and had a sleepover at my house, like if we were all 12 but we were more like 25. One of the worst Valentine’s Days I’ve had, my date cooked a seafood paella (I don’t eat seafood and I don’t hide my dislike for it, not a secret.  He liked seafood so he cooked for him.) with a less than lovely necklace from Wal-Mart (therefore my hatred for that store).

But I still have hopes of one Valentine’s Day a boy (my age or there abouts) showing up at my house with flowers… One day… I know it will happen. Until then, I will be my own Valentine and show up at home with flowers (tulips), my own gifts – and wrap them all in beautiful red wrapping with matching bow.  So sue me, I like Valentine’s Day…

Another ING… Done…


The ING Miami Marathon & Half Marathon holds a special place in my heart. It was my First (and only to date) full marathon in 2010, it’s my hometown and it’s an amazing course that showcases the BEST of what Miami has to offer.

It’s the run that’s the non-negotiable in my itinerary of runs, it’s a sure thing. This year I did the Half again, and it was humid, hot & thankfully overcast. But the reward at the end was pretty cool, a beautiful 10th Anniversary spinning medal. 

But I did it! With my friends.  I don’t run with headsets, I don’t need a play list, I have my friends that I run with… I actually talk to them and we laugh, we bitch, we run!!! When I started cramping at mile 10, they slowed down, they stayed with me.

Sometimes it takes a village for someone to achieve, and add to their collection of race bling!!! Thank you…