To Domesticate??? Or not To Domesticate??? That is the Question


Sunday is laundry day… I HATE doing laundry.  Every Sunday I seem to start to summon up the ‘Laundry Fairies’, you know the little invisible sprites that will do my laundry and fold and put away.  Yes I have a very vivid imagination and yes I sometimes still believe in Santa Clause (but this will be a whole other blog post).  In all my hatred of laundry I know I have to do it, and I do it. I’ve actually developed my own little method.  I don’t sort by color, I wash everything in cold water :). Usually my first load is work clothes, then I wash my workout/running clothes in a different load. But that’s one aspect of ‘domestication’.

One of my ‘resolutions’ for 2012, was to actually do more cooking at home.  I know that I joke alot about me not stepping foot in a kitchen.  It’s not for lack of equipment or lack of know how.  Here’s a NEWS FLASH – I can cook (and pretty good if I do say so myself), several of my friends can attest to this.  I don’t do it because I don’t like cooking for 1. There I said it… Cooking for 1 just takes the joy out of cooking, it totally takes the fun out of it.  But with all the take out I purchase, I could have a room full of little blue boxes or Italian purses whose names en in ‘i’.  I’m not going to be cooking daily, but at least twice a week, I’ll start easy.

So the answer to the question… Maybe Yes, to domesticate… Surprisingly enough after 1 week of cooking (okay 1 meal), it wasn’t terrible, nor did I slave for hours over a stove.  

But I still don’t have to like doing laundry…  



About LoreLama

I'm a mish-mosh of wonderful! I think that shoes are a girls best friend... And family is something no one can replace... I run (not fast) and I'm proud of it! I ramble even more on follow me there... I'm all over the place and so are my thoughts, which could be a good thing :). I have an interesting sense of humor. I'm on a quest for race bling in 2012, if you have to ask what that is, then you're not a runner.

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